Medlee Papillons


is owned and loved by Doug and Cheryl Burke of Buffalo NY.

Owned by Geraldine Falco, Stoneybrook, NY

"Boris and Tasha"
Owned by Debby P., Buffalo NY


Owned and loved by
Russell Inman, Garfield Heights, Ohio

Owned by Skye McCall

owned by Cheryl Cox

"Cosmo and friend"
Owned by Ken, Buffalo NY

In training for agility
Owned by Deborah Stoddard, Pine Valley NY

Owned by Sue Chester

Medlee's Gothem City Sidekick "Robin"
Owned by Danika, Rochester, NY

"Aspen and Nova"
Owned by Dr. Laura Westfall and Family
Rochester, NY

"Splash and Sury"
Owned by Lynda Schoenbeck, Darien NY

Owned by Lauren Mace
Cleveland. Ohio

Medlee's Evening At Wings  "Eve"
4pt. Major over specials
Owned by Cindy Rossman, Pa.

Robin Bonus, NYC,NY

"Bee Bee" and "Trevi"
Owned by Cynthia Pickard

"Friend with Bella"
Owned by Jen and Matt Buckley

Mary Jaworski's Pap Family
Harmon, Jasmine and Chip

"Peter in the middel"
Owned by James Amyot of Baltimore MD.

The Bursztyn Family
Of Tennessee

Owned by Priscilla West


Owned by Christal Lunt
of San Diego, Calif.

Ch. Happy Acres Storm Warning "Stormy"
Owned, Bred By:  Shirley and Dan Petco and Olga Gagne

Owned by Sue Peterson, New York City, NY

Owned by Lauren Mace of Cleveland, Ohio

Owned and loved by Carol Bitterman
of Lockport NY

Owned by Gar and Ginny Trusselle
Albion, NY

Owned by Patrick Yoo

Can. Ch. Medlee's Let's Play Mozart
Owned by Irene Desire Lestere-Kruisijk

S.T.A.R. Graduate

UKC CH. Medlee's Desiderata" RAE TKP  ATD CGC"
Owned by Sharon Miller of Saegertown, PA

Cynthis Pickard of Syracuse NY
Bebe and Treve

Tule Manyan, Vestal, NY

Laurie Shin and Family, Pittsford, NY

Rebecca Cartmill, Monroe, NY

Janice Floyd, Clifton Park, NY

"Minni Lilo"
Owned by  Bonnie Biel
Clayton, Alabama

"UCK CH.Medlee's Desiderata RAE TKP ATD CGC"
Owned by Sharon Miller

Owned by Laura Balding
Endfield Ct. 

"El Jefe"
Owned by Kara Loy
Greenwich, NY

"Tracy" and  " Dylan"
Owned and Loved by 
Cheryl and Doug Burke
The Villages, Florida

Owned and loved by Brooke and Joe Outten
Castle Hayne, NC

"Thea" owned by 
Kay Chamgaland, Peekskill, NY

 owned by Natalie Piispanen
Singapore, China

"Maxie Bear"
Owned by Robert Gerspach
Buffalo, NY

Owned by John and Patricia Schlosser
Long Island, NY

Owned and loved by 
Valerie Hickok, Buffalo NY

Owned by Meredith Lamprinos
Tioga., Pa

Owned by Kay Changalang

Owned by Chris And Faith Naus
Brockton, NY

Owned by Karen Woods
Ransomville, NY

                                    " Jack and Bella"
                         Owned by Elizabeth Forero
                           Phoenix, Arizon

  "Lucy, Bella, Taz, Hanna and  Leah"
Owned by Liz Cordes machala
Batavia, NY

Owned by Monique Ward, Baldwinsville, NY

Owned by Renee of Florida

"Manny Pearl"
Lisa Romm White, Ithaca, NY

"Maverick and Mandy" 
Karen Roberts, Roch. NY

Catherine Frega, Buffalo,NY

"Glinda"  TDCH Medlee's Ruby Slippers,

Owned by Diana Squicciarini , 
Pittsburg, PA
Training In Agility and Obedience

Ce-Me's Stocking Stuffer  "Coal"
Janice Largard, NJ

Lee Turner, Rochester, NY

oved by Cynthia Pickard, Syracuse, NY

"Winnie"  (17 years old)
Owned by Linda and Helmut Fleisch
Syracuse, NY

Jeff and Wayne of Canadohta Lake, PA.


Owned by Christal Lunt
San Diego, Calif

Owned by Denzi and Joe Dunson

Elise Bursztyn and
Buffalo NY

Sharon Bursztyn's pap family

Owned by Reyne Hrabik, PA

Highwinds Special Agent
Getting his first point with proud owner/co-breeder
Marie Smith
Fort Plain, NY

                                       Owned by Mary Lomolino, Camillis, NY


"Aspen and Emma"
Owned by Dr. Laura Westfall, DVM
Rochester, NY


Grant and Cosmo owned by:
Martha and Ken Ham of Buffalo NY                      

"Scotch and Vivian"


Owned by"
Elisa Savinelli Gordon
Zionsville, Indiana                          

                                          "Percy" (age 11)                             
                                      Owned by Brooke Outten                      

Wilmington, North Carolina

Owned and loved by Bridgette Falco
Centereach, NY

Owned by Katie and Dale Galuszka
of Orchard Park NY

Owned by Lucinda Tashman
Ithaca, NY

Owned by Carig and Ann Schneider
Rochester, NY

Owned by Greg Meyers,

Elise Bursztyn of Buffalo NY

Sharon Dehn of Buffalo,NY

Victoria Benson, Lansing, NY

Taryn Hammond, Los Angeles, California

Jenna Glase, Orchard Park, NY

Owned by Beth Benner
Montclair , Va.

Owned by  Anna Erickson
Hemlock, NY

Owned by Kathy Blake
Dubois, Pa

Owned by Bonnie Biel
Lowville, NY

"Mazzie and Jessie"
owned by : Bonnie Biel
Lowville, NY

"Mazzie and Jessie"
Owned by Bonnie Biel
Lowville, NY

Owned by Jennifer Wiley of 
Oreland PA

Owned by Susan Wright of
Oswego NY

  owned by Carol Connor
Syracuse, NY

Vikie & Danny
Owned by Elizabeth Forero
New York City, NY

Owned by Drudy Hopson

Owned by Holly Nanula

"Riki Tiki"
Owned and Loved by 
Mary Mitzel, 
Attica, NY

"Kenzo and Josie"
owned by Danny Hawe

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