Medlee Papillons

For Sale

All of our dogs are tested routinely and cleared of PRA before breeding.  We breed for well adjusted and healthy puppies as a hobby and believe in quality not quanity.   

All breeding dogs have been have been  currently tested for PRA1 and all are normal as well as Cerf'ed clear

You can email me at
Phone: 585-343-8448
or write:
Susan Austin
3948 Pearl St. Rd.
Batavia, NY  14020

Occasionally we have adults available for adoption, you can call or email for information.  

"Pet Sitting"

Shannon Slocum  LVT
Pet Sitter/Experienced Licensed Vet Tech
Will come to your home to take care of your
pets while you go away.  Willing to stay at 
your home.
"She'll come and stay 
While you go and play"

Shannon has stayed at my home several times
so my hubby and I can get away.  My dogs love her!!!!

Medlee Papillons highly recommends the  "Rover Pet Fencing" and supplies.

Here at Medlee we have used the Rover Fencing for many years.  It is clean, safe and the jumping furkids are unable to climb it.

At shows, the furkids enjoy the luxery of resting on these comfy resting benches!!!!!

you can order them at

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